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                         March 17, 2018 To Do Lists and To Be Lists: Parashat Vayikra/Shabbat HaChodesh by Rabbi Tucker 
As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I am fanatical about making to-do lists!  I have work lists and personal lists; long-term lists and weekly lists; lists of big, time-consuming projects and lists of small, discrete tasks easily accomplished.  I have lists of ideas I haven’t quite gotten to yet and lists of initiatives already in process; lists of people to call, books to read, new restaurants to try, sermons I hope one day to write.  When it comes to managing all these lists I’m surprisingly old-school, especially considering the huge variety of digital tools available online, writing them out – for the most part - by hand largely because of the enormous satisfaction I feel when crossing something off, physically scribbling it into oblivion.  I’ve even been known to write down a task already completed on one of my lists, just for the sheer pleasure of subsequently being able to mark it off as done!  Continue reading →

Thu, March 22 2018 6 Nisan 5778