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December 2, 2017 I Seeing the Face of God - Vayishlach3
by Rabbi Annie Tucker

There once was a rabbi who was asked by his students, “Master, how should one determine the hour in which night ends and day begins?”  One student suggested, “Is it when a person can distinguish a sheep from a dog in the distance?”  “No,” said the rabbi, “It is not.”  A second student ventured, “Is it when one can distinguish a date tree and a fig tree from afar?”  “It is not that either,” replied the teacher.  “Please tell us the answer,” the students begged, “How should one determine when night has ended and day begun?”  “It is when you look into the face of a stranger and see your sister or brother,” said the rabbi.  “Until then, night is still with us.”  Continue reading →

Wed, January 24 2018 8 Shevat 5778