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March 10, 2018 All Work and No Play - Parashat Vayakhel-Pekudei by Rabbi Tucker 
There is a well-known story about Christopher Wren, the celebrated English architect responsible for rebuilding London after the Great Fire of 1666, who was walking incognito one day in the city when he came upon a group of men raising St. Paul’s Cathedral, a structure which he himself had designed.  “What are you doing?” he asked one of the crew members.  “I’m working,” he replied, “Earning five shillings, two pence a day!”  Continuing on his way, Wren posed the same question to a second laborer: “What are you doing?” he queried.  “I’m cutting a piece of stone,” the man answered, “Measuring it carefully and shaping it just right.”  Coming upon a third member of the team Wren inquired again, “May I ask, sir, what are you doing?”  “Me?” the worker replied.  “I’m helping Christopher Wren.  Together, we’re building a magnificent cathedral to the Almighty.”  Continue reading →

Sat, March 17 2018 1 Nisan 5778