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   Celebrate the New Year, 5779, with beautiful Judaica items, perfect for Shabbat:

*Beautiful black challah board with handles adorned with pomegranates; from the  Michael Aram collection, $200.  A challah knife is available (but not shown).

*Contemporary nickel plated candlesticks with hammered and beaded accents, only $25

*In center, beautifully shaped kiddish cup, created by Fred Spinowitz, 

  with iris designed base.  Fred Spinowitz  designs Judaica in silver,brass and

  porcelein and his work has been presented to heads of state.  $70.

Hope everyone had an easy fast.

Robin   -  847-287-1233

Joan    -  847-602-2257

The Judaica Shop will be open on Sunday, September, 23  and on Thursday,

September 27th, at the Sisterhood Afternoon Discussion Series.

Wed, September 19 2018 10 Tishrei 5779