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At Beth Hillel Bnai Emunah, we are proud to offer a Havurah program for our members. Havurah can offer you and your family a way to develop closer personal ties with other members of our wonderful synagogue who may share your interests, your values or your current stage of life. Through our participation in Havurot, we will develop more meaningful relationships with one another and create a stronger synagogue community for years to come.

What is a Havurah? 
The word “havurah” comes from the Hebrew word “haver” meaning “friend.” Each Havurah becomes a small community (approximately 5 families per Havurah) of congregants who come together to socialize, study, celebrate Jewish life together or take any focus that the group chooses. Each Havurah defines its own goals and means for growth and self-expression. A Havurah provides an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth and a chance to make new friends or improve the bonds with current friends.

Who is a Havurah for?
All BHBE members who desire to be a part of a more intimate community within the synagogue family should consider our Havurah program. BHBE will help you connect with congregants that share your interests, are at similar crossroads in their lives and are equally committed to providing a special Jewish experience for themselves and their families.

Why join a Havurah?
Beth Hillel Bnai Emunah is a large congregation. Being part of a Havurah provides community members with an opportunity to develop and strengthen friendships with others who share similar interests that you wouldn’t otherwise meet. Whether you are a new member or a long time member looking for new friendships, a Havurah is your way to create an extended family at BHBE.

What does a Havurah do?
Each Havurah determines its own goals based on its own needs, which could include holiday celebrations, social programs, or attending BHBE events together. Some Havurot will meet many times throughout the year, such as monthly, while others will meet less frequently. The Havurah may meet in members’ homes or at a chosen place such as a museum, park, restaurant or theater. Each Havurah will be unique and will do different activities depending on the interests and needs of its particular members.

Who runs the Havurah and plans events?
Every Havurah will be self-directed. Once your Havurah has been formed we will be in touch to help you plan and organize your activities.

How is a Havurah formed?
We will put together groups of those who have similar interests, backgrounds, and requests. BHBE will contact you with the names of others in your new Havurot.

How do I join a Havurah?
Give us a call at 847.256.1213 and we will connect you.

Sun, July 22 2018 10 Av 5778